How it’s Going

“Submerged” is my current series of ocean life watercolor originals.  These paintings are inspired by my passion for diving and otherworldly experience of being among a unique array of underwater species. This serene exhibit was featured in March 2021 at the Spruce Grove Melcor Art Gallery. To inquire about owning an original contact me

I have also created a YouTube channel. Click subscribe to become part of an art community, follow my journey, learn to create your own works of art, and explore new products. Uploads will be less often now, as I’ve taken on a new full time arts opportunity.

Custom Artwork

Graphite and pastel with coloured pencil are my current areas of expertise for taking commissions. I accept a limited number of commissions per year, so please make sure to book a time slot far in advance if you are hoping for a personalized gift.

How it Started

Creating art has been a defining part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a child, I learned from borrowing “How to Draw 100” books from the local library, copying Archie comics, and attending my first art class at the age of four.

Portraits were my first artistic love. There is something magical about drawing eyes and capturing the complex beauty of the “windows to the soul”.  I love bringing the two dimensional to life by expressing the vibrant and surreal qualities of living things.