My First YouTube Video!

Click above to check out my first Watercolour Lesson!


Why did I decide to join YouTube?

I want to inspire others, push myself, and become part of an another amazing arts community.

The YouTube world is what pulled me back into my love of art. Since 2017 I have been watching, learning, and practicing using wonderful online resources generously supplied by artists from all over the world. Although my arts education is primarily informal, I cannot claim to be a “self-taught” artist because I credit all of those who have been a source of knowledge. I did not learn in a vacuum, without help, without inspiration, without information.


What is your channel about?

Playlists I have planned include Tutorials, Product Reviews, Top 5s, Challenges, and general arts help and information. My areas of strength are graphite pencil, coloured pencil, and watercolour, so my videos will reflect those interests.

I am also taking suggestions so if you have something you are itching to see, please leave me a comment!


Where can I find your videos?

Here is the one I just posted! How to Paint With Watercolour – Polar Bear on Ice Caps

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